Creating Your Own Thought Box

What is it?

It’s a box (or jar, or mug, or basket) containing thoughts on cut-up slips of paper.


The reasons for having a thought box are many and may differ from person to person. For me it is a distraction from a train wreck thought. An idea from a thought box provides an intermission from the day to day weight that may or may not be weighing me down. It allows my mind to move on.

On other days it gives me an opportunity to reflect on an area of my life. During this reflection I may attain a greater appreciation or develop a plan of action.

The thought box I created using a decorated box.How Does It Work?

When you need to or want to, pick a thought (word) from the thought box and contemplate on it. What does it mean to you at this particular time? A word or thought will have different meanings depending on your frame of mind and priorities at the time of reading it. Once you’ve chosen your word put the slip back in the box.

After you’ve contemplated your word it can be forgotten on the surface but subconsciously your mind will continue to work on it and it will surface throughout the day.


Try to take out one thought a day. Maybe first thing in the morning to help you with your day or for a breaker of negative thoughts. It can be a distraction of upsetting news, an alternative to eating three candy bars, or as an alternative to frustration. Whenever you feel the urge to contemplate something else, take a word from your thought box.

Where do I start?

Here’s a PDF file of thoughts to get you started. You can print them out (3 pages) and cut around each word, fold them and put into your own thought box. When I started I used a mug someone gave me then replaced it with a pretty box I picked up at the dollar store.

Can I add to the box?

Yes. If something is not there, write it down and add it to the box. The only stipulation is that it be positive. Feel free to share any of your thought box words with me that are not apart of the above PDF.

Thought boxes are meant to give perspective. To help you … dare I say… “think outside the box”.

Let me leave you with a thought, take it with you where ever you are today: TRANQUILITY.

Originally published 2/10/2004 at Large & Lovely, BellaOnline.

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