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Crazy Plates Frozen Dinners Review

I tried this quick and easy frozen dish the other night. Crazy Plates Meal Kits, Wowie Maui Chicken. “Crazy Plates” sound familiar? Wasn’t there a cook book by the same name? You betcha. Janet Podleski and Greta Podleski authors of the successful cookbooks Looneyspoons and Crazy Plates have made it even easier to have a healthy, no fuss supper.

The book cover for Crazy Plates.Inside the box were five little packets: chicken, sauce, pineapple, rice and vegetables. The directions were super easy to follow and I had a great looking meal. This package made three servings. Since there are only two of us the third serving was leftover for lunch. If you’re a single person you could have easily make two lunches or suppers for another day by dividing them into to Ziploc containers while you’re taking out your serving.

Cost: $6.99 Canadian which works out to $2.33 per serving.

Taste: Great. Could have used a little more salt but it was surprisingly good considering it only has 1.1 g of fat per serving.

Crazy Plates really takes the worry out of dinner when you’re pressed for time. From the minute you open the package, it only requires 30 minutes to throw it together and heat. This was a handy substitute for regular cooking when I just didn’t feel like chopping my own meat and veggies. I would definitely get a few for the freezer for just such another occasion.

Choices: There are 4 other versions available: Stir Crazy, Mission Impastable, Wacki Teriyaki (waiting in my freezer) and Worth Every Penne.

Availability: Well, here’s the cincher. So far it’s only available in Ontario. But that doesn’t mean you can’t request it from your local grocer. The more people who ask the more available.

In the mean time, if you want to make your own Crazy Plates check out Janet and Greta’s Looneyspoons Collection:

Originally published 2/4/2005 at Large & Lovely, BellaOnline.

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