Holidays Are Over

I’m back and getting caught up on all the things I let slide when I was away. It’s amazing how quickly things pile up, as if they weren’t piled before I left.

We had a great time traveling to the in-laws this time. We took a different route and saw lots of neat things. I really liked London, especially Gibbons Park. We popped into the states for a few days to drive through Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Just along the lakes. The bridge in Mackinaw was cool and I picked up some awesome fudge at Jo-Anne’s in Mackinaw City.

Whenever I visit Thunder Bay I’m in awe of two things. The Sleeping Giant (TSG) and Mount McKay. I didn’t realize how much I missed seeing them until we drove into town. I basically grew up with Mt. McKay out my window. Jeff and I spent a lot of time picnicking and camping at TSG a.k.a. Sibley.

For many people they may seem like trifle landforms but we love them. We took a lot of pictures from different angles of the city while we were there. On the way out of town we even stopped at the Terry Fox Monument to say good-bye to TSG. Sad I know.

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