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Moira Allen’s internet baby Writing-World is for new or experienced writers but it really leans more towards a haven for the budding writer. It is chocked full of more information than any writer could possibly get through in a single sitting so be sure to bookmark it.

Writing-World has three main features that make it a hot site for writers. First, the articles. There are hundreds of articles sorted in a convenient drop down menu: basics, business, selling, fiction and publishing. They are also listed in the site index.

One of the coolest additions is the contest database. You can enter as little information as you want to get an excellent listing of contests relating to your choices. Provides a basic description, entry fees and relevant urls to further information.

Moira is a prolific writer so over the years she has collected and organized a lot of “paying” markets. She also has a number of other helpful writing e-books worth checking out.

Set some time aside for surfing Writing-World.

Visit the Writing-World for writing advice.

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