Yellow – The Shoes

I have been seeing these rubber shoes every. And I mean every where. Men and women of all shapes and sizes seem to be hoarding these shoes. I have to admit I am not one of them. Yet. It is the whole rubber thing. But these golden ones are awfully pretty. Don’t you think?
yellow clogs by Crocs
These are not cheap imitations. These are the real things. Crocs. They vary in price depending on color but are a reasonably priced brand at $29.99.
There are three things I love about these things:

  1. They have an odor resistant interior. It is summer after all.
  2. The strap can be decorative across the bridge of the foot or functional across the back of the heel.
  3. They are dishwasher safe! I could do a load of shoes with a load of ball caps.

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