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Anyone one who knows me knows I love frogs and toads. I am starting to get quite a collection of live and artificial ones in my back yard. The largest live toad we have is the size of the palm of my hand. I love this toad. I saved him from harms way a few years ago when I came across him half in and half out of a snake’s mouth. No offense against snakes, I like them too but I really like my toad and it is obviously an old toad to be so big. Frogs are up there with the toads. There’s something magical about them. Something wise. It’s unfortunate that so many are taking the brunt of our environmental negligence but I digress.
green frog cocktail ring
I am definitely green with envy for this darling cocktail ring from Emitations. Cocktail rings were popular in the 1940s and are making a comeback as we continue to revisit retro designs.
Zayda’s Frog is on a sterling silver shank and decorated with emerald green and clear Cubic Zirconias (CZ). He looks up with golden CZ eyes. At $175 I would be attending a lot of parties to show it off. I would probably wear it around the house so I could gaze at it on breaks. Seriously! This is one of my favorite green items this week.
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* Get your own Zayda Frog from Emitations

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