Orange – The Top (s)

Yes, I am still in summer mode today. It’s hard for me to think about fall clothing when I cannot move without sweating. When I went searching for orange today, I decided to hit up Torrid as I am feeling kind of fun-ky and Torrid is good to deliver.
I actually found two tops you should check out. Both of them are complete steals!
The first is this classy crossover halter that is accented with orange and a bit of green. Doesn’t it make you feel lucky (you have to have a closer looker to get my pun)? It is a combination of orange, navy, red and olive. It is hand wash but for the price it is small and won’t take much time. And besides after a few hand washes and wears you can make a delicate cycle attempt and still feel you’ve gotten your use from it at $15 should something terrible happen.

plus size orange print top from Torrid

The next one is an even bigger steal at $4! Yes, it’s on clearance. This rust orange spandex cami is perfect as is for summer or for layering under a black jacket or cardigan when it gets cooler. Its soft, stretchy and tagless so no picking at your back. And it’s really long so you know when you tuck it in it’s going to stay put. This one is machine washable.

plus size orange top from Torrid

Happy shopping!
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