Creating a Space for Yourself

There is a new way to create a free and visually pleasing space for yourself on the Internet without investing too much time. It is called HubPages. I joined a few months ago and I must say I’m becoming a bit addicted to the different ways I can use it.

I’m working on a number of different topics ranging from plus size clothing, to recipes, to writing. I’m currently working on a piece called 7 Places to See in Canada before You Die which will include information from my trip across Canada this summer. It’s obviously taking a little longer to complete. The more you play with it the more ideas you get. But it is definitely a good promotional tool for any writer.

Each Hub you work on can be simple to more elaborate depending on your needs and experience. If you have writings on the internet it’s a good method of linking them all together in one spot.

Tempted? Check out my profile on Hubpages.

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