Plus size women used to be relegated to wearing caftan like dresses. Well no more! Igigi is a plus size clothing retailer that offers dresses for plus size women in sizes 14 – 32. You will not find any caftan type dresses here. Their dresses cling to all the right curves and are cut to accentuate the positive. Woman sitting on a gold couch in a red Igigi dress.
Igigi (pronounced ee zhee zhee) was born in 2000 via the brain store of Yuliya Zeltzer, a Ukrainian-born, self taught designer in her thirties. She moved to San Francisco, California in 1991 and spent time sewing clothing for her friends and family. Her business grew by world of mouth and before she knew it she became an international success.
While Igigi does carry other items like tops and pants, they are limited. Their niche is definitely dresses (including bridal). Their clothing is comfortable, flattering and fashionable and every plus size woman should visit their site because they have one of the best online selections of dresses for work, play and special occasions.
Igigi is one of the Best Plus Size Websites.

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