Since yesterday’s blog was about dresses it seemed logical that today’s website would help plus size women be more comfortable in them. The Luvees website and product is the brain storm of plus size entrepreneur Anita M. Brody.
A sample of Luvees pull on shorts and separate thigh protectors.In a nut shell Luvees are thigh protectors. Their sole purpose is to relieve inner thigh rub and the painful side effects. Any plus size woman who has had to put up with warm inner thighs on a summer day or the swishing of pantyhose can relate to this ingenious product. We’ve all had the bicycle shorts but Anita designed an alternative that is comfortable, breathable and an affordable alternative.
The Luvees website explains the different styles of product available as well as offering an online store. Be sure to check out the 100% satisfaction guarantee. I had the opportunity to review this product in April and highly recommend them. If you suffer from inner thigh woes and long for breathable bare legs check them out.
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