DTMWSIMB is short for Don’t Tell Me What Size I Must B. DTMWSIMB was founded by Jodie Hunter, a plus size diva tired of people telling her how she should be. She started this website in August 2000 and it is loaded with online fashion links for plus size women. There is also information on plus size modeling and fat activism.
The best part about the site isn’t even the site, it’s the Yahoo group which connects other like minded women. There are daily updates from Jodie and other members about topics relevant within the plus size community and of course up-to-date fashion advice. If you have a bone to pick with a company this is the place to air it. You’ll find support and direction on how to turn your bone into a bonafide action. This is absolutely one of my favorite lists and groups of people. It currently has 2400 members.
Topic Links
* Visit DTMWSIMB blog
* Visit DTMWSIMB yahoo group

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