Plus Size Medusa Costume

There’s something scary but at the same time sexy about the the Gorgon Queen Medusa. Medusa’s turn men to stone serpents blend in marvellously for Halloween and if you are body conscious the black robe will take care of that. What makes Medusa sexy is her attitude. Plus Size Medusa Costume
Halloweenie has this snake headdress, full length black dress with Greek trim and a separate wig available if you don’t have long hair of your own to back comb and create a nest for your snakes. All together it runs for about $70 and fits up to size 22.
This would be a simple costume to make for yourself. Any long black dress will do and a trip to the dollar store could provide a bucket of plastic snakes to work with.
When you’re out partying stay away from any guys going by the name Perseus!
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* Update: Halloweenie has closed but you can still find plus size pirate costumes at BuyCostumes
* Other places for plus size Halloween costumes

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