Cosy Feet

My feet are freezing today. The temperature dropped below 10 and I’m sensing the first snow fall is not far away. Today’s fave item is about keeping the feet cosy. And of course fashionable.
Quilted Winter Boots from AvenueI came across these cute quilted boots from Avenue a plus size retailer of sizes 14 – 32. They also have a selection of shoes called Cloudwalkers which include regular and wider width shoes and boots. These North Point Boots (4918280A) are wide and come in sizes 8-10,11,12,13 (because we know plus size people don’t have small feet – that’s sarcasm in case it was lost through the text).
I have another pair of boots with soles like these. They are comfy and make me feel tall without the feeling of being unbalanced. They are available in white or black for $49.
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* Get your own North Point Quilted Boots from Avenue

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