Judgment of Paris

The title “Judgment of Paris” is a story from Greek mythology about three goddesses, Aphrodite, Athena and Hera, who were to be judged on their beauty by a mortal man. When it comes to the plus size community it’s a website full of plus size role “models”. Literally. You’ll find information (and lots of photos) about such plus size supermodels as Barbara Brickner, Kate Dillon, Christina Schimt, Crystal Renn and more.
A portrait of a reclining woman called Flaming June.
You’ll also find oodles of resources if you are interested in plus size modeling or are just curious about the business of plus size modeling. The website has an active forum where members discuss tough topics like, “Professional Eye vs Public Eye” or “Plus Size, the New Healthy” or the latest news on our favorite supermodels.
There are great articles like Timeless Beauty which compares some of today’s most beautiful women to art through the ages. And don’t forget to participate in the survey providing your opinion for the most beautiful women in the world (which makes the title all the more appropriate).
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* Judgment of Paris is one of the Best Plus Size Websites.

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