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Gifts for Writers

Have you thought about what you want for Christmas this year? Here are a few suggestions to send along to the present buyer in your house. Or perhaps you know a writer you want to spoil. Writing Dog

Godiva Chocolates – What’s a writing space without some chocolate. Godiva chocolate has some of the most decadent chocolate in the world. Show the writer in your life some real loving with Godiva. Get your own Godiva Chocolates.

Jane Austen Action Figure – Being a writer and a fan of Jane Austen seems to go hand and hand for a majority of writers. If you’re a true fan then you want to have your very own Jane Austen Action Figure (if not, feel free to send me one) to sit on your desk or shelf for inspiration. Perhaps you two can chat about the perfect novel. Achie McPhee also has Shakespeare if you’re more into that. Get your own writer figurine.

Portable Desk – Brookstone has this wonderful portable desk that sits comfortably on your lap with its own lamp and secret storage compartment. This would make sitting in your favorite chair more productive as well as give you a change of scenery from your desk. I could also see it making it easier for those who like to work in bed. Get your own portable desk.

Lenovo Laptop – I fell in love with the concept of Lenovo’s Thinkpad last year when I learned it has a monitor that spins around so you can write on it. How cool is that? For the writer who loves to type and write their novels by hand. Talk about making life easier. Get your own Lenovo Laptop.

Writer’s Digest subscription – We’ve been listed as one of the best websites for writer’s two years in a row but that’s not why I’m mentioning Writer’s Digest. They are the longest running writer’s magazines that provides articles and commentary on the writing business as well as providing some of the best technical information available to writers. Get your subscription to Writer’s Digest.

BIC HOK TAM inspiration – Want to add some BIW reminders around the house? Magnets, T-shirts, Mousepads and more are available to help keep your inspiration up or at the very least remind you that you should be writing instead of painting of your toenails. Get your own BIC HOK TAM goodies.

Alphasmart – This is probably one of the most used pieces of tech equipment by BIW writers next to a regular computer. It’s a lightweight word processing device that seems to encourage love and devotion. Get your own Alphasmart (now called Neo or Dana). Update: The Alphasmart went out of business but check out the new Freewrite!

Books, Books and More Books – We have a more than enough writing related books to inspired and teach writers listed in our bookstore. Get your won writing books.

What are you asking for or getting for the writer in your life? Do tell!

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