100 Word Blog Challenge

Day 4 – Dog

When I was growing up I always wanted a dog; but could only pout my way into getting cats. Specifically, I wanted a German Shepherd. My Aunt had a neighbor with a loud and mean one that eventually warmed up to me, allowing me to sit near him and pet him. I would not dream of going up to a dog like that today. I do not know what I was thinking. shepherd puppy

When Jeff and I met, German Shepherds became a common interest for us. He had grown up with dogs and had always wanted one. So it is not surprising that a few years after we got married we decided to get one. We did a lot of research and after an emotional disappointment (the first puppy we chose died of stomach torsion before we picked her up) we found a puppy in Ingersoll, ON.

We drove four hours to pick her up. A flurry ball of fluff. She slept between us on the way home. I remember calling Jeff’s parents from the vehicle around midnight to let them know they were going to be grandparents — we were that excited. Seven years later I have my own loud and somewhat friendly German Shepherd who is often too smart for her own good and ours. She is also the most gorgeous dog I have ever seen even though her nickname is “Monster”. So gorgeous in fact, breeders often approach us about mating their dog with ours. Unfortunate for them, we are not into prostituting out our dog. She is fixed like every good pet dog should be.

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