The Skinny Is In… Or Not

A friend sent me one of those “why it’s not good to be skinny” emails with about five pictures of various skinny women… literally skin and bone. Most of the pictures were of runway models by the looks of it. I thought the email was fabulous and had every intention of showing the pictures in my blog for my readers to enjoy because I thought it drove home a good point.

But as the day moved on the point became less clear to me. I also came to a shocking realization, at least to myself, that posting the skinny women pictures would be no different than someone posting pictures of fat people and saying ‘this is what is wrong with fat people’. Which annoys me, and I am sure others, to no end. So here I am feeling guilty for thinking badly of thin people who have a right to be who they are just as much as we do.

What does this mean? No pictures for you of skinny women to make fun of. Instead here is a lovely picture by Julia Busato titled “Looking into the Heavens” from Raven Girl Photographythat I found on Deviant Art (account currently closed).

I bought this photo in 4×6 when the photographer had her images on Deviant Art and I adore daily. I would suggest you buy a photo to help support the photographer but am unsure if she is currently selling prints. You can find more of her work at the Raven Girl’s Photography Facebook and Julia’s Blog.

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