Dance to the Music

In the latest magazine issue of Vogue I found these incredibly beautiful red shoes. The color was intense the heel was unbelievable. Almost as unbelievable as who’s name is attached to them. Carlos Santana!
gladiator sandals from Carlos
Huh? What does one of the world’s best guitar players know about shoes? Apparently a lot! Just look at these babies. I didn’t find the Vogue specimen I was initially looking for but I couldn’t resist mentioning these ones either. Carlos Santana obviously has a eye for beautiful shoes as well as beautiful music.
Legend shoes from Carlos
The ones shown here are come with cool names — Battle, Legend and Structure.You can get them at the official Carlos Shoes website, or there a small selection at Macy’s.
structure red shoes from Carlos
These babies come in three or more other colors but these ones are my fave. The best part about these high quality/high fashion looking shoes? They are all under $100.
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