They Come in All Sizes

When you step out of the shower and look in the mirror do you ever wonder if they are normal? Here is your chance to see how the other half looks in the comfort of your own home.
Black and White Breast Cast taken by M. E. WoodArtist, Cheryl-Ann Webster has self published a book on her labor of love of the last few years. It all started when her daughter mentioned to her that her best friend was saving up for a boob job. We hear that often enough but the best friend was 13-years-old.
Webster went to work developing the Beautiful Women Project which involved her making casts of 100+ women from the clavicle to the hip bone. She then decorated them with dabs of inspirations just as unique and different as our breasts. The casts are now touring different libraries and galleries in Ontario.
The book is made with a heavy semi-gloss soft cover about the size of a magazine. It is 77 pages long but the images are large enough to see each bust accurately as well as appreciate its art. It is a better quality than depicted in the site preview. The models ranged in age from 19 to 91. There are thin women, plus size women and women who’ve had mastectomies.
I have seen this collection first hand (twice) and now have the book. I loved revisiting them. And it is a real eye opener to what real women look like at all ages. It costs $20 and profits go towards current and future exhibit costs.
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* Get your own Breast Book from Cheryl-Ann Webster’s website

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