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The latest Junonia catalogue arrived today. Don’t you just love a new catalogue. The expectation of finding something new. I grew up with the Sears catalogue which was a big event in our house. It meant shopping!
I curled up in my chair with it and a glass of water. Quite a few of the items I recognized from previous issues which is always disappointing but if Junonia is anything it is reliable. In the sense, if you like a product of theirs chances are pretty good that they have it when you need it. They do not seem to run like other fashion plates with new arrivals cleaning out their previous product every season.
plus size pants for women
I decided I would mention the one item I really liked so I went to look for it at their website and found this message: “The Paisley Stripe Pants advertised in our Summer catalog are currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience.”. For crying out loud! That is so annoying.
This is the only online picture I could find but it doesn’t do the patterned wide legged pants justice. And I know the word “Paisley” is bringing a certain image to mind but trust me they are not your traditional “paisley”. Hopefully they will get them in in time for summer.
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