Miss Platnum — Give Me the Food

In late 2008 the video of Romanian songstress Miss Platnum made the rounds in the fat community. The video starts off with Miss Platnum eating and her mother chastising her for do so and telling her she was not going to make it in the music industry if she was not skinny. This whole conversation is spoken in Romanian and subtitled so we know what is going on (the singing is in English).

Miss Platnum then turns and speaks into the camera in heavily accented English:

You know, people always say:
“Women should be thin,
They should be on diet”
But I don’t care,
I just enjoy eating

When she starts to sing I cannot help but smile because first, her voice is amazing, and second the woman is gorgeous regardless of how much she loves cream, eggs, and deep fried potatoes.

Give me the food, give me the food. OPA!

One of the things I like about this song is her confidence and “I don’t care” attitude — it is not about her health — it is about what other people think about her.

Some girls may think:
“This chick’s is a little big”.
Slim girls don’t understand
But I don’t care.

It is a fun quick video with great costumes and photography.

Miss Platnum is the flamboyant persona of twenty-seven year old singer, songwriter and musician Ruth Renner. Renner is Romanian born but has lived in Germany and elsewhere.

"I am a woman, no skinny doll."

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* The single Give Me the Food is still available for download on Amazon.

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