With the amount of time we already spend on the computer it seems like a natural step in the evolution of technology that we will spend more time reading novels either on a PC or with another reading device. With the improved technology of reading devices and software come improved distributors of ebooks. eBooks.com is at the forefront of the ebook revolution carrying a large range of ebooks with many prices well below any paper alternative; although, I did notice there were a few that were available for more economical prices at Amazon in paper back.

Ebooks.com was founded by Stephen Cole. It has been online for eight years and offers “tens of thousands of titles available to download” anywhere in the world. Their most popular ebook categories are Body Mind Spirit, Business, Computers, Family & Relationships, Health & Fitness, History, Reference, Religion, Self Help, and Sex. Their fiction is divided into: Adventure, Crime, Erotica, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Science Fiction, and Thrillers. Their non-fiction is divided into over fifty categories including “literary collections” and “literary criticism”. Or if you know what you want you can search via author, ISBN, title or keyword with their accurate search feature at the top of the page. My only disappointment is not being able to organize the search results into price range or release date.

The website offers a guide for easy ebook reading, email alerts for new book releases, 10% off NYT best sellers (the whole listing is not available), free excerpts, gift certificates, and academic ebooks.

When you register for an account you need to enter a viable email, a password, your name, address and phone number. It took less than five minutes to create an account. I also downloaded the Mobi player from their website for my PC which was very easy to load and install compared to other programs I’ve downloaded. I’m pretty sure anyone could download and use it no problem. If you use this program (which also works on a PDA) you need to add its PIN number to your eBooks account (they give you directions on finding it). Within another ten minutes I found a book, paid for it ($4.99), downloaded it and had it open and ready to read in the Mobi player.

Visit eBooks.com to download ebooks or an ebook reader.

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