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Rule of Sevens Meme for Bloggers

The number seven is easy for our minds to comprehend and remember. Many popular books use the rule of seven (think 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) as a basis for helping readers to remember the key points. Phone numbers are seven digits which makes them easier to remember.

This Meme uses the “rule of seven” to look at different areas of your life both factual, fun and foolish.

Quick and to the Point

Directions: Create a new blog post. Write an introduction then copy and paste the meme below into your blog and change the comments after the *’s to your own. Use the title of this meme in your subject line or create your own. Feel free to tag your friends or not. A link back to this lens would be appreciated.

Seven Things that Scare Me:

* Spiders
* Lack of Control
* House Noises
* Exorcist
* The Highway in a Snow Storm
* Loss of Site
* Stephen King’s imagination

Seven Things I Like:

* Chocolate
* Wind in my Face
* The Internet
* My Kitty
* Rainbows
* Aurora Borealis
* Shopping

Seven Random Facts About Me:

* I’ve been in 2 car accidents
* I broke my back
* I love horse riding
* I love Jane Austen’s books
* I think Gerard Butler is sexy
* I have more spirit than faith
* I take forever to heal

Seven Things I want to Do Before I Die:

* Tour New Zealand
* Finish Landscaping My Backyard
* Find My Sister
* Take Up Running
* Become Self-Suffient
* Forgive More
* Complaine Less

Seven Things I Can Do Well:

* Knit
* Math (with paper and pencil)
* Daydream
* Drive
* Tai Chi
* Cook
* Complain

Seven Things I Can’t Do But Wish I Could:

* Fly
* Carry on a Face to Face Conversation
* Keep the Dog from Digging
* Speak French
* Speak Spanich
* Speak Italian
* Speak Japanese

Seven Phrases I’m Known to Use:

* Eh? (I’m Canadian afterall)
* What the F*&%!
* You got to be F*&%ing kidding me?
* That’s stupid!
* Sod off!
* Give me a break.
* Oh, pleaaaasssse!

I’d Like to Recommend…

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