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The Eight Facts Meme for Bloggers

eight ball graphic by M. E. WoodThis is a common meme to see in the blogosphere. It is quick and simple to do when you are in a pinch but don’t want to leave your blog vacant for another day. You can use any number of facts. Each fact can be short or long answer.

Just the Facts, M’am

Directions: Create a new blog post. Write an introduction then copy and paste the meme below into your blog and change the comments after the titles to your own. Use the title of this meme in your subject line or create your own. Feel free to tag your friends or not. A link back to this lens would be appreciated.

Random Fact about Moi #1:
I hate liver.

Random Fact about Moi #2:
I use to want to be a drag racer like Shirley Muldowney.

Random Fact about Moi #3:
I have given two bloody noses.

Random Fact about Moi #4:
I never thought I would get married.

Random Fact about Moi #5:
I like green tea.

Random Fact about Moi #6:
My favourite fruit is fresh mangoes.

Random Fact about Moi #7:
I can’t swim.

Random Fact about Moi #8:
I’m loyal to those who deserve it. You know who you are.

Share Your Meme

If you blog this meme then leave us a link will ya, we would love to come read about you. Don’t have a blog? Well then, cut and paste the above meme into the box below and tells us all about yourself!

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