The Women’s Fedora

I use to love my grandfather’s fedora. I always thought he looked so dashing. Whenever he was not in it I was trying to get my hands on it. To no avail. I would even go so far as to say that fedoras are one of the reasons I like old movies. Hello, Cary Grant!
Tan Fedora for Women
It looks like I can relive that childhood desire with the women’s fedora or “crusher hat” which has become a hot item in Hollywood and on the runway.
This lovely Fedora Nina is from Lilliput Hats in Toronto where their hats are made with “old-world techniques” while the customers watch. This beauty is $170.
Retro Hat
While visiting Lilliput looking for feminine fedoras I also fell in love with this Romantic hat that looks like something Virginia Woolf would have worn. It is called Dorothy and retails for $160.
I could literally live in either of these hats if my big head would allow.
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* Get a your own Fedora from Lilliput Hats

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