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A Super Hero Meme for Bloggers

My first exposure to a super hero was of course on T.V. with the Man from Atlantis. Followed by David Banner and the Incredible Hulk. In comics books, it was Batman, the Silver Surfer and my favorite Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman

This blogging meme is designed to be a very short answer but feel free to elaborate on your choices. You could spend a month talking about your selections and it can be looked at from two perspectives – favorites or who would win in a fight.

Everyone Has a Favorite

Directions: Create a new blog post. Write an introduction then copy and paste the meme below into your blog and change the comments after the *’s to your own. Use the title of this meme in your subject line or create your own. Feel free to tag your friends or not. A link back to this lens would be appreciated.

Male Against Male

1. Conan or Superman?

2. Spiderman or Silver Surfer?
Silver Surfer forever!

3. Captain America or Batman?

4. Wolverine or Cyclops?

5. Daredevil or The Phantom?

6. Hellboy or Hulk?

7. The Flash or Green Lantern?
Green Lantern

8. The Punisher or Blade?

9. Zorro or Thor?

10. Blade or Spawn?

Female Against Female

1. Batgirl or Supergirl?

2. Elektra or Catwoman?

3. Wonder Woman or Phoenix (Jean Grey)?
Wonder Woman forever!

4. She-Hulk or She-Ra?

5. Ultra-Violet or Wildstorm?

6. Wonder Woman or Elektra?
Wonder Woman forever!

7. Leeloo or Buffy?

8. Queen of Swords or Xena?

9. Red Sonja or Nikita?
Red Sonja

10. Storm or Wonder Woman?
Wonder Woman forever! 🙂

Female Against Male

1. Buffy or Blade?

2. She-Hulk or Hellboy?

3. Red Sonja or Conan?

4. Supergirl or Superman?

5. Xena or Spiderman?
Xena (sword trumps web)

6. UltraViolet or The Punisher?

7. Queen of Swords or Zorro?

8. Catwoman or Cyclops?

9. Nikita or Batman?

10. Phoenix or Silver Surfer?
Silver Surfer forever!

Want to be a super heroe in the bed room? Then visit webundies:

I’d Like to Recommend…

Wonder Woman: The Ultimate Guide to The Amazon Princess by Scott Beatty, Alastair Dougall, Scott Beatty , Roger Stewart: This is one of my favorite Wonder Woman books. It delves into her history, her family, the Amazons and many of the villians and heroes she has come across over the years. It’s full color and durably made by DK Publishing.

Share Your Meme

If you blog this meme then leave us a link will ya, we would love to come read about you. Don’t have a blog? Well then, cut and paste the above meme into the box below and tells us all about yourself!

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