Think Pink – Crocs

I’m not a huge fan of Crocs shoes. There are so many knock-offs out there and every third person seems to be wearing them BUT they are joining in on Pink Month by donating $5 from the purchase of their selected pink Crocs.
Including these sassy “Sassari” ones with a 3″ heel. They come in sizes 4 – 12 for $39.99. Why pay that when you can have a cheap pair? According to their site their shoes are actually good for your feet. They are comfortable, ergonomic (not sure about the 3″ ones), anti-microbial, and odor resistant. Since your feet are naked in them most of the time it seems like a good investment.
If you use the coupon code – pinkoct8 – you may also get free shipping.
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* Get your own Sassari Crocs from Crocs for a Cure

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