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Since motion pictures began, we’ve been seeing books made into movies. Over the last twenty years it seems to be even more popular. Some times a book can be made into more than one movie. Can we say Pride and Prejudice? I’ve always been intrigued by movies that have been based on a book, either watching the movie after reading the book or sometimes before. One of the biggest discussions once a movie comes out is usually, “Which was better, the movie or the book.”

If you have a similar fascination then you are not alone. Lorie a WAHM, post-advertising career, also shares the same love. So much so she created the website, Based on the Book. Based on the Book contains a listing of movies based on books, lists of popular movie authors, information on movies (based on books) that are in theatres, coming to theatres or have been released on DVD. Each film has a very brief description of the plot, who starred in, directed it, and on occasion Lorie’s opinion on its success, readability and entertainment value. She has a simple graphic code system that lets you know at a glance whether she thinks the book or the movie was better. If you are like me you probably have the opinion that the book is almost always better (but it doesn’t mean a good movie can’t come out of it).

Based on the Book is a listing more than a review site but there are a number of helpful links to find reviews and in some cases movie trailers. You can browse for books/movies titles via the A – Z listing or scroll through the author titles or via year (2006 – 2008). The listing is not extensive, she is a mother of three after all but if you are looking for further entertainment it’s an easy read with good recommendations for book/movie watching.

Visit Based on the Book.

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