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Get Your Beauty Fix

Beauty blogger Christina Jones put me on to this new beauty extravaganza called Beauty Fix. Members register online to receive a new beauty kit of the best new products every quarter. In the beauty kit are full size products and deluxe samples of some of the hottest beauty products available. The highlighted products are selected by a team of “beauty industry experts” who review and test the products. These products are actually reviewed and not paid for admissions.
Membership to Beauty Fix costs $50 a quarter. This quarter the products totals over $400. That is considerable savings. Before each quarter members can see a preview of what will be in the next quarter’s kit. If they decide they are not interested in the products they can opt out. Plus there is an online community where you can make friends with other members, highlight your favorite products, write reviews of the products or share tips you have learned along the way (although they are still working out some bugs in this “beta” version). One of my favorite features on the website are the short videos that show members how the product works and how to use them.
This quarter’s kit (No.1) includes:

I’m so excited to test these products (especially the ones I’ve starred) in the coming weeks to let you know what I thought. If you want to join in the fun, visit Beauty Fix and sign up. But hurry, membership is limited!

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  1. I’d love to to try the NOC-Out Cover Up Compact and also would like to try the Kronos Phyx creme. I have naturaly curly, thick hair. When the humidity rises, so does my hair!

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