Kiyonna Top Three

Plus size clothing retailer, Kiyonna is one of my favorite shops for career and party wear. Last week they sent me a list of their hottest fifteen products of the moment.  I’ve whittled the list down to my top three faves (purposefully not including items I might have mentioned on previous raves). Tada!:

Penelope Palazzo Pants (black)
Sizes 0X – 5X – $98

Sexy Secretary Chiffon Blouse (martini/black)
Sizes 0X – 5X – $88

Bellini Ballet Wrap (black/charcoal/twilight)
Sizes 0X – 5X – $62

Topic Links
* Get your own Palazzo pant from Kiyonna
* Get your own Chiffon Blouse from Kiyonna
* Get your own Bellini Wrap from Kiyonna

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