Hans Zimmer: Big and Chunky

I love Disney movies and music. I also love hippos (I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas is a fave song of mine any time of year–don’t judge, it is a fun song). Hippos are fun. The Madagascar movies combined all three of these. Hans Zimmer with the help of Will.i.am on vocals made one of my favorite fat girl songs or in this case, fat hippo songs. The music and lyrics are so catchy and the video is adorable. Watch the video to see hippo, Moto Moto, in action as he sways his groovy hips, then play it again and sing along with the lyrics below the video.

Big and Chunky Song Lyrics

Madagascar 2 album cover.
Vocals by Will.i.am
I like ’em big, I like ’em chunky (Chunky!)
I like ’em big, I like ’em plumpy (Plumpy!)
I like ’em round, with somethin something (Something!)
They like my sound, they think I’m funky (Funky!)
I like em chunky, chunky, chunky
chunky, chunky, chunky
Plumpy, plumpy, plumpy, Plumpy
Ain’t nottin’ wrong
With lovin’ chunky
I like ’em funny
I like ’em spunky (Spunky!)
I like ’em witty
I like ’em smart… with brains
Girl I Like your big…
What you say?
Your big ol’ heart
Girl you crazy
She drive me crazy
When she don’t know what…
Chunky, Chunky, Chunky, Chunky, Chunky, Chunky
Plumpy, Plumpy, Plumpy, Plumpy, Plumpy, Plumpy
Chunky, Chunky, Chunky, Chunky, Chunky, Chunky

Citation: lyrics copyright Dreamworks/A&M Records.

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