The Twilight Craze

Yes, it’s true, plus size people (young and older) have joined in on the Twilight book and movie craze. It really is a craze isn’t it? Plus size clothing retailer Torrid has made it possible for you to choose your team and express it on your body without getting a tattoo. Here are three of my favorite Twilight clothing options for plus size chics:

The t-shirts are available in sizes 0X to 5X for $28. If these two are not your style they also have a couple pictorial ones featuring Edward and/or Bella as well as a Twilight hoodie.
If you were admiring the jewelry from the Twilight movie then Torrid also has a few replications for adoring fans. Alice’s ribbon choker, Esme’s cuff bracelet, Rosalie’s choker and Carlisle’s Crest Ring ($19.99 each):

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