Beauty Fix No. 1 – NOC-Out Cover-Up Compact

Of the nine items in my Beauty Fix kit I think Redpoint’s NOC-Out Cover-Up Compact was at the top of list of products I was really excited about trying.
The Beauty Fix kit offers a full size product to try which is valued at $38. It works from the concept that all skin issues can not be covered up with one color. The goal of this tri-color compact is to “neutralize, obliterate and conceal” all the things we like to camouflage. Say good-bye to dark circles under the eyes, blemishes, veins, freckles and more.
The color breakdown:
Yellow = redness, blemishes
Peach = dark circles
Salmon = sun spots, veins and dark discolorations
The compact is made of pretty red tin with a clear mirror and a generous amount of concealers inside. On the bottom of the compact is a little diagram to help users remember what each color is for. I found the yellow and peach work exceptionally (I didn’t have an opportunity to use the salmon) well in terms of blending and cover-up but for long term wear it failed somewhat for extra long days by building up in creases. So if you are wanting to go from work out-and-about, no. But if you are able to do a touch in between, then go for it. What would have really made this test perfect for me would have been if the compact came with Redpoint’s camouflage brush. Half the battle is the tools.
Depending on your perceived ailments you could end up using more of one than another so I’m not really sure how economical this is but I definitely think it’s worth trying at least once.
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