Vixen in Red

Kiyonna always delivers one great dress for the holiday and I think this is the one for this season. The Flaunt Cocktail Dress is Vixen red comes in sizes 10 – 32 for $128. Ruching (gathered material at the waist) is so hot this year and I absolutely love it; on tops, on boots, on bags. Just not all at once!
This dress has a deep neckline that continues all the way around to a deeper plunge in the back. We tend to go for the obvious, showing off the décolletage but forgetting to show off the back. The back can be lovely all on its own; in some cases, even sexier and we can get away with showing off more of it in public settings. Don’t let the skin you show this year be all about the bosom. What’s the saying? “Keep ’em guessing!”
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