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The majority of active wearing clothing probably comes down to the average tee. Plus size women know how to own those baggy t-shirts. Whether you workout at home or at the gym it is nice to have something beyond the standard white. Here are three places I like to look for plus size tees:
Threadless – If anyone has helped turn t-shirts into works of art it is the folks at Threadless. And I don’t just mean the people behind the concept, I’m talking about the 1000s of designers who submit their creations and the 1000s more that vote on them. Some are funny, some are stunning, some are silly but there is definitely something for everyone and they have great prices. $5, $10, and $15.
CafePress – The selection is endless and it’s usually more pricey that my first choice but they have some great designs and if all else fails you can create your own. If you have a workout buddy you can even make “team” shirts. There’s two things I like about CafePress, they’ve been around a long time and they have good customer service.
Fat Guy Shirts – This is one of the first places I bought a t-shirt from online. While the first two may have the option of some beautiful images and text this one is solely text, with attitude. They don’t have a huge assortment but if you are looking for a cocky workout shirt they are worth checking out.
And that rounds offs are active wear week.

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