A Chocolate Valentine

One can not celebrate Valentine’s Day without chocolate. Even if you are single, Valentine’s Day is a day you can celebrate chocolate without guilt. Instead of the usual box of chocolates or truffles I want you to head over to the Fat Witch Bakery and get yourself a chocolate treat in the form of a brownie.
You will find traditional brownies, java brownies, blonde brownies, red brownies, caramel brownies and few more. Myself I’m a traditionalist. The original Fat Witch brownie. “No icing. No preservatives. No nonsense.”
They ship within the U.S. The brownies arrive individually packaged and ready to eat (or put in the fridge for a later treat). They can be ordered singularly to your own taste or in gift packs like the 16 Baby Witch Gift Tin with 8 Fat Witch Babies, 4 Blonde Babies, 4 Walnut Babies for $30.

Fat Witch Bakery is offering a 10% Discount that expires February 13. Coupon code: VWITCH2009

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