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Chasing Melodies with Adele Adkins

This curvy British singer and songwriter is gaining world-wide acclaim for her earthy vocals and pain filled song writing. I was first introduced to her when she appeared as the featured musician on Saturday Night Live last fall.

I fell hard for the blues songstress’s beautiful features and her captivating vocals. If I had to describe her vocals I would say she’s a combination of blues and folk. Kind of like Lulu, Peggy Lee, Etta James, Norah Jones and Jewel all mixed up into one. If I had to describe her song writing, I’d have to say it is edgy and full of pain but wrapped with a glimmer of hope.

London born, Adele made waves with her self titled album Adele 19 which contains twelve melancholy ballads, of which, all but one she wrote the lyrics for. At twenty, she was already showing signs of a successful long term career. After a quick boost from Myspace fans she signed with a record label. She’s honed her skills in a British performing arts school and was nominated for four Grammy Awards (she won two). This year her second album, simply titled 21, was released and her fan base has exploded exponentially.

I highly recommend adding this soulful diva to your listening repertoire.

Three Reasons to Love Adele Adkins

  • Her melancholy voice.
  • She’s a curvy chic.
  • Seriously, awesome makeup.
  • Someone Like You

    She’s So Bloody Gorgeous

    Chasing Pavements

    One of my favorite songs from the Adele 19 album is “Chasing Pavements”. She performed it on Saturday Night Live in October 2008.

    Make You Feel My Love

    “Make You Feel My Love” is my favorite song from the Adele 19 album. It really highlights the best qualities of her voice. It is making the rounds on some popular television series at the moment–I’ve heard it in the background of Brothers and Sisters and Ghost Whisperer. Until I heard this version I had no idea it had been recorded by so many artists (Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks etc.)

    Adele Officially

    Before she captured a recording contract and had her tunes marketed on the air waves Adele was building a fan base on Myspace. Visit Adele’s official Myspace. She has since built an official domain, a few actually, on the web. Visit Adele’s official website and blog as well as the Adele Video Channel at YouTube.

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