Purse Shopping at Etsy

Not only can you find a lot of custom made plus size clothing at Etsy but you can also find some fabulously designed bags. Etsy if full of talented designers who either use new or recycled material to make small or large handbags.
A search for purses brings back over 2000 pages so one could be shopping there for a long time. I tried to limit myself to thirty minutes today and I found it impossible! I had about 30 links to give you but forced myself to these six fabulous finds all by different designers (each image is linked to designer’s description page instead of my usual topic links at the bottom):

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  1. I love these bags. Etsy really is a pool for crafty designers; I recently set up a shop there myself–www.megexpressions.etsy.com–for my handmade recycled materials and one of the things that I have liked best is the community that it has developed for me. I have allready (virtually) met many other artists!!

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