Revlon Pedi Expert

If you have seen the Revlon Pedi-Expert commercials you know that Elle Macpherson is telling us all to “put your best foot forward”. I was immediately pulled into the the promise of convenience and soft feet.
Currently the Pedi-Expert comes with a bonus clipper and file both of which conveniently fit into the center of the pink hand-size utensil.
When i opened up my package I was immediately worried I was going to cut myself on what looks like a parmesan cheese grater. I started off slow on the tougher skin like it recommends and was amazed how comfortable I became. A lot in part because it is so easy to hold. You still should be careful near uncallused skin.
The next step after the grater comes the file which snaps on over top, on the outside edge of the tool. I didn’t find this to be especially effective in removing tissue but I guess the idea is to smooth the outer layer of skin after it’s has been grated, although I found the end result before this step to be quite smooth.
The package says there is “no need to purchase replacement blades” and there is a “lifetime guarantee”. The fine print on the package says, “Revlon will replace with the same…if instrument fails due to defective or workmanship.” By the time you returned it with the required padded envelope and insurance you might as well buy yourself a new one. I somehow don’t think that will include every day wear and tear as anyone who uses a stainless steel foot blade knows they go dull over time. Although the website video does say they give you a lifetime guarantee on the file blade. I’m sceptical.
That being said, the product does give a smooth finished and there is no threat of cutting a deep chunk out of your foot like there is with a callus blade. The inner chamber collects the dead skin that is sluffed off and it’s easy to wash and dries quickly for the next day.
Hours later I almost felt like I had had a foot massage. If you have severe callus issue I recommend trying it. Remember though that this isn’t a cure, it’s just another method to help control. It happens to be a little easier and cleaner than methods we’ve used in the past.
The directions say to to use on dry skin so you might want to make this part of your bed time routine before you apply your foot lotion; you get to wake up with lovely feet that are ready to meet the day.
Revlon’s Pedi-Expert can be found at any fine cosmetics counter or drugstore for about $12 – $16. I did a quick search at Amazon and found a 2 packaged kit for $17 which is a great deal. Buy one for yourself and give one to a friend.
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  1. I’m curious. Is this any better or different than the Pede Egg from the informercials?

  2. I haven’t tried the PED Egg but from what I read it requires replacement parts (they even have a 60 day club) where the Pedi-Expert is boasting a life time guarantee on it’s blade

  3. I purchased the Pedi Expert today and just gave it a try. I found that it was fairly effective , however I would recommend doing it over the bathtub as not all shaving go into the container. Was far more effective then foot files or pumice stones. Very easy to use once the initial fear of the grater aspect passes. For the price I’ll recommend the women in my life give it a shot just in time for sandal season.

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