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“Personal. Political. Provocative. Ad-free.”

This ad-free literary magazine was founded in 1974 by Sy Safransky and focuses on essays, interviews, fiction, and poetry as well as intriguing photos. The Sun produces twelve issues per year and offers yearly subscriptions ($36 in U.S. or $51 in Canada) or readers can find individual issues in the literary section of their favorite magazine haunt.

You can get a taste of their magazine from complete excerpts of current issues found on their official website. Read an essay, a few poems, or see the list of contributors which range from renowned to unknown writers.

One of the things I like about The Sun is the nostalgic feel I instantly get from picking it up; brought on, in part, by the black and white photograph on the cover depicting real people in their daily lives. Viewers can expect anything from the sun worn face of the working man to the blonde curls of a playing toddler.

The range is wide and so is its appeal. Otherwise it wouldn’t have lasted over a quarter of a century. While I mentioned that there is a nostalgic feel to the magazine the content is contemporary and relates to our current trials and tribulations.

Their website allows readers, new and old, to connect with other readers with similar interests by providing like minded links. There is an online method to subscribe to their magazine or email newsletter. And it is ad-free like their magazine; making it easy to surf and find material of interest. The Sun is currently offering a free trial issue with no obligation to subscribe. I highly recommend surfing through the archives to get a feel for their content and writers then giving them a try.

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This piece originally appeared on 3/17/2009 at Literary Fiction, BellaOnline.

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