Affordable Plus Size Bridal

Yesterday I opened plus size wedding week with an online boutique that deals in the traditional wedding gown that cost big bucks. Today lets look at the opposite end of the spectrum.
Many plus size clothing shops are starting to introduce their own wedding lines. They are usually quite small in selection but are way more affordable than any wedding shop a future bride would venture into. Along with limited selection goes limited sizing but if you hit at the right time you may find the piece that works for you.
Currently Fashion Bug has four styles available in their wedding boutique; all under $160. The sizes are hit and miss until they update their closet. They range from businesslike, to walk down the beach and walk down the aisle styles:

If you go the Fashion Bug route, here’s a 20% off coupon for your “favorite item”: 776263907. It expires April 29, 2009.
Update: Fashion Bug is closed but you can shop online at its sister stores via Sonsi.

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