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Since I had eye surgery last summer I have been a little more obsessed with what I put on my eyes. For eight months I haven’t put much of anything other than a bit of color because I wanted to make sure they were thoroughly healed. But now I’m in the experimenting mode. In this new mode, I’m even more conscious than ever with how my eye make up wears because I’m more observant of what my eyes are doing and why…dryness, itchiness, watering etc.
Last week I picked up two eye lining products. Since this post is titled after one of them I’ll talk about that one first: The new Annabelle Smudge Liner (in rich chocolate) — I absolutely love this product.
It is soft and applies easily and delivers a great line. I was surprised by this because I haven’t had the eye liner application practise that comes with daily wear. As you can see from the image, one end is liner and the other has a smudging foam end. I’m not a huge smudger, I just like to smooth the lines a little and leave.
I was expecting the Annabelle Smudge Liner to smear throughout the day or at least transfer to other eye parts but it didn’t. I’m absolutely thrilled with it and if you can get your hands on some I think you’ll be happy. It’s a Canadian made product available in national drugstores. Those in the United States can do some cross border shopping or get the 1 800 from the website to make a phone order.
The other product I purchased was Cover Girl Line Exact Liquid Liner (in smoke) — this is an amazing liquid liner. The felt tip applicator made it easy to apply thin and thick. A great accomplishment for my unsteady-for-liquid-liner hands. It even stayed fresh looking all day. I was in love.
But then day two came around and the felt tip barely delivered any juice. I could get a thick line no problem but the detail control was lost. I experimented with shaking (you’re suppose to shake well before use) but that didn’t work. I resorted to wetting the tip with water. Eureka, the fine tip was working again. But I don’t consider hypoallergenic enough to want to keep doing that and I shouldn’t half to. I may use the Cover Girl Line Exact Liquid Liner as a practise tube now but it is definitely not one I would recommend. It definitely has piqued my interest for felt tip liquid liners though.
If you have an eye liner that you swear by please share what it is in the comments.
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