Cool-Jams Night Shirt Review

Cool-jams is an online sleep wear shop run out of San Diego, California that offers wicking sleepwear for women who experience night sweats due to hormonal fluctuations. Since I hit thirty my hormones have had a mind of their own so I was excited when I came across this product. Cool-jams has five styles of night gowns and eight styles of pyjamas to choose from. This past week I had the opportunity to test drive the Kristi Moisture Wicking Nightshirt shown at right.
The Kristi night shirt has a gentle V-neck highlighted with soft lace trim. It is made of 100% polyester microfiber and is available in sizes S to 3x. I would say it has a generous cut (the large is a 12/14, xl is a 16/18, 2x is 20/22 and 3x is a 24/26). It comes in lilac or aqua. The Kristi night shirt sells for $39 but the other sleepwear ranges in price from $33 to $65 depending on style.
I was impressed with how well the night shirt was put together. It is cleanly stitched with no loose tags and the shoulders are reinforced. Their sleep wear can be machine washed and they come with a protective mesh bag to keep it looking its best. My shirt actually worked its way out of the bag the first time I washed it but we’ll see how it works the next time.
Cool-Jams boasts ten main highlights of their sleepwear, none of which I can argue with:

  • Wrinkle-free
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Static-free
  • Machine washable
  • Shrinkage resistant
  • Strong and durable
  • Snag resistant
  • Light weight
  • Quick drying
  • Perfect for travel

I found the Kristi night shirt to be light weight and comfortable to sleep in. It isn’t picky and didn’t twist around me during the night. I found it to be an asset to sleep in during warm night and was impressed with the wicking properties. I normally wear cotton because I find it breathable but during warm nights (or hormonal nightmares) it tends to get wet and stay wet. I was impressed with how cool and dry the material stayed during the night. And how much cooler I felt.
If you suffer from an elevated body temperature during the night due to hormone fluctuations or otherwise then I recommend you give this wicking sleepwear a try.
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* Visit Cool-Jams for plus size wicking sleepwear.

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