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Luvees Thigh Protectors Review

“The Discreet, Comfortable Thigh Solution”

Anita M. Broady started the Selani Corporation so she could bring “practical products” to consumers like herself (a plus size mom). Luvees is her first product. Its goal is to prevent and relieve the discomfort associated with inner thigh rub. Something that is most prevalent in the summer months with warm weather and increased dress wearing.
There are two designs available. The Luvees Thigh Coverall which is worn on the upper thigh and the Luvees Panty Coverall which looks like a bicycle short but prettier. They are made from nylon, cotton, and spandex with a soft cotton panel that rests against the inner thigh’s skin. There are satiny outer panels that slide against one another to prevent leg friction. These panels are held in place by a soft stretch lace (not girdle material). Available sizes range from small (4-6) to 4x (28-30). They are available in black, white, pink and nude for $22.50 to $27 depending on which style chosen. And they are machine washable!
One of the main reasons I’ve always hated dresses growing up was inner thigh rub; either the painful version that came with bare legs or the noisy version that came with pantyhose. The product description calls Luvees “revolutionary, lightweight, breathable, attractive, lingerie garment that relieves thigh burning and chafing in females of all ages and sizes whose thighs rub together.” I agree with this statement wholly but I would like to add that it is a preventative garment rather than a garment that “relieves” although if you did have a breakout from your thighs rubbing I could see how it would prevent further damage.
The Panty Coverall is incredibly comfortable but I didn’t have as much luck with the Thigh Coverall; one kept working its way down my leg. This product is double size, 20-22, 24-26, which I believe makes it difficult to make an accurate fit on the thigh coveralls because our thighs are so different. The lace stretches by the end of the day and while this is ok for the panty coverall it isn’t for the thigh coverall. The product is machine washable and dries quickly so they could be rinsed out after wearing to be ready for the next day. After washing they resumed their pre-wearing size and didn’t appear to shrink.
One of the pluses of this garment is the no “swishing” aspect often associated with pantyhose and biker shorts. The second plus is the breathability. On the downside, after a few hours the nylon lace developed minute pilling but I did not notice any pilling on the satiny pads. The pilling certainly wouldn’t interfere with the use of the product but I wanted to mention it. If you have extravagant nails you would need to be extra careful not to puncture the nylon lace. If you have soft flab it does make a slight indent making this product not suitable under tight clothing.
Regardless of the downsides I’ve mentioned, I loved this product and recommend trying the Luvees Panty Coverall. It’s comfortable, breaths and does it’s job–protecting the thighs without making noise. If you have a thick thigh from hip to knee then you should be ok with the Luvees Thigh Coverall but I find they are not suitable if the thigh has a funnel shape.
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