The Pashmina

One of the most versatile accessories this year is the pashmina wrap or scarf. It’s been around for years and is popular in Europe. With the sleeveless dress gaining more and more appeal amongst plus size women, the addition of the pashmina has gained momentum 100 fold. I was at a June wedding a few weeks ago and literally half the women who attended had some kind of pashmina to keep the chill off. Some were in sundresses and some were in suits. Either way it’s a nice addition even for summer.
You can spend a lot or a little money on a pashmina. I’ve seen them priced for as little as $10 to a whopping $1000. It is nice to have a few inexpensive pashminas of various colors to match your wardrobe (be sure to include the neutral black and tan). I found an array of pashminas from Amazon all under $60. Their fabric content ranged from the most desired cashmere to viscose; the viscose being the least expensive alternative. The best part is that they come in large (80” x 36”) and there are many colors to choose from.
If you are dumbfounded on what to do with your pashmina once you get it then watch this video by the Travelista showing different ways to harness various looks:

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