Hot Or Cold

It’s been pretty cold here and at my in-laws for the last two weeks. Ok, who am I kidding, more than a few weeks. One would wonder if summer had forgotten to come this year (really, I’m not complaining; just amused). I was all set to tell you about this lovely “plummy mummy” Hooded Cardigan in Old Navy’s new arrivals when out of no where the temperature soared to 27° C (not including humidity). Talk about a shock to the body and definitely no use for a cardigan. Sheer-Ruffle-Shirt
So instead, I bring you the Sheer Ruffle Shirt in “blink pink” (wouldn’t you love to be the person who creates color titles for clothing… or paint), also from Old Navy. This 100% cotton shirt comes in two patternless colors: “goodnight nora” which looks like a blue black and “jujube orange” which looks like an orange. This machine washable shirt comes in sizes 1x to 3x for $26.50.
Plummy-Hooded-CardiganOh what the hay, just for giggles and in case the warm spell was only fooling around, the Hooded Cardigan also comes in “wise owl” which is a kind of beige, blue danube, and black jack. It is available sizes for it are 1x to 4x. This cozy looking hoodie is $39.50. When the sleeveless gets to be too much there’s the cardigan.
Is it me or there more sweaters on the market this summer than there was last summer?

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