Natural Camouflage

Leopard print is a great accent for plus size swimwear. Because the spots are irregular in shape and fill they are pleasing to the eye. In the wild they provide a natural camouflage to surroundings. On clothing they can draw attention to an area and lead away from others. plus size leopard print two piece
This Profile by Gottex Animal Print Tankini is a perfect example of leopard print (with a little tiger perhaps at the bust line) used to accentuate the positive which is usually the chest area. The lovely brown pattern draws the eyes up and away from the hips and midsection. I love the little ruffle around the neckline.
This plus size swimsuit is on sale at Macy’s for $83.20 (reg. $128). It is available in sizes 16 to 22. Be sure to check out their other swimsuits and sign up for their newsletter on upcoming promotions.
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* Get your own plus size Gottex Animal Print Tankini from Macy’s

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