Plus Size Levi's

I have to say that I have waited a long time for Levi’s to venture into the world of plus size clothing. I grew up wearing 501 button fly which I literally lived in through high school. They have been the one piece of clothing that I have missed. Until Lane Bryant’s Right Fit Jeans came along I had gone a long time without jeans. Plus-Size-Levis
If you haven’t heard. Levi’s has ventured into the world of plus size denim. They don’t have 501s yet (fingers crossed for soon) but they do have 512, 580, and 590 — eleven styles in all; including some petite. The ones pictured at right are Perfectly Shaping Boot 512™ Jeans in shadow blue. They come in sizes 16 to 24 and are currently on sale for $35 (regular $48).
Personally, I’m still holding out for 501 button fly.
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