60's Dress at Anna Scholz

I’ve been less than impressed with the Anna Scholz collection this year (probably because of the hideous kaftans). Normally I love her stuff to death. I have only found two things: 60s-Cotton-Dress
This 60s inspired cotton dress in gold is lovely. The description describes it as a little Jackie O (who had wonderful style) and a little go-go — maybe if it were shorter and you added white boots. I think it would be a great career dress or for a Sunday brunch out but definitely without the go-go boots. The dress is currently on sale for £167 and limited to sizes 12 and 18.
Frill-TrenchcoatThe other item is the Frill Trenchcoat in red. Trench coats have been really hot for a few seasons. I love the color on this one and how she’s changed it up by giving it frilled edges for a softer look. This gives it feminine lines without making it look to girly. The color is awesome and the length perfect. This trench coat is currently £250 and comes in a range of sizes from18 to 28.
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* Get your own 60s dress or trench coat from Anna Scholz

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  1. Hi –
    I am sorry you dont like our new collection : ( , unfortunately the ‘hideous kaftans ‘ are our bestselling product on our website , hence we feed the demand for silk embellished easy fitting tops.
    I am personally in love with the double silk stretch maxi and wrap dresses in all the new prints. There is a rainbow one to come which is my favourite.
    The red coat is really fun, and I can recommend it.
    Always interesting to know what you guys think

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