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This online Halloween shop has been around since the early nineties. Unfortunately they do not cater well to the plus size market – you can’t even find a category on their main page until you click on Halloween costumes. plus size vampire costumes
They have a small selection of just over thirty styles, half of which are for women. Many of the ones I see here are available elsewhere. On the up side though they do offer a few maternity costumes like, Devil Lady, Raggedy Ann, Pirate Woman. Their size chart covers 14 to 16 but the item descriptions for some are ambiguous while others are clearly marked 2x or 3x. Fright Catalog’s prices range from $39 – $150 but average at about $50. They will ship throughout the United States and Canada.
To save time, after you click on the plus size category under costumes click on sort by availability that way you won’t be disappointed if something isn’t available when you click on it to get further information.
Fright Catalog is not one of my top choices for plus size costume shopping but if you are still looking for the basics they may have it.
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* Get your own plus size costume from Fright Catalog

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